Wayne Singleton

Wayne has played with numerous bands over the years including, Keith Frank, Geno Delafosse, Zydeco Force, Chris Ardoin and Step Rideau.n 2005 Wayne formed his own band Lil’ Wayne & Same Ol’ 2 Step. In the following years Wayne and his band performed at many festivals and trail rides across Texas & Louisiana, playing mainly for a younger audience who preferred to hear the increasingly popular ‘new’ style Zydeco sound.n 2008 Wayne felt a strong desire to go back to his roots and play more traditional Zydeco music.

Wayne had developed a close friendship with old school Zydeco musicians, the late Roy Carrier and Robbie Robinson of the legendary band Zydeco Force. Wayne felt that he owed it to these inspirational musicians to continue their legacy and to strive to keep traditional Zydeco music alive and thriving, and not be consumed by the more modern Zydeco sounds.Wayne has travelled extensively with his infectious style of Zydeco, including several trips to Europe.

He is a highly respected, all round multi-instrumentalist and Accordion maestro! Wayne Singleton brings the very best of Louisiana Zydeco dance music to the Big Weekend this Summer!

Performance Times:

Friday 10:00 – 12:00 pm Main Hall
Sunday 8:00 – 9:00 pm Main Hall